Talking Point Communications

Video Production

In order to break through today’s busy media world and motivate audience engagement, brand content needs to be creative, remarkable and cutting edge.

Video content is a powerful storytelling format which offers an ideal solution.  As an effective and proven medium, it plays a pivotal role in offering impact and easy access to information.

This facilitates engaging an audience in meaningful, emotive content which resonates with their core needs, values and lifestyle.We work closely with our clients to produce top quality video content with stories which provide insight into the brand, personalising the brand and brand message. 

Identification with the brand is further facilitated through branded infotainment content which is relatable, valuable and which enhances viewers’ lives.

Specialist areas include:

  • Conceptualising angles and storyline as a vehicle to connect with audience and communicate the brand message
  • Production and directing
  • Scriptwriting and brand storytelling
  • Distributing video content to relevant channels and platforms
  • Promoting video through strategic campaigns which target the brand audience and key media across earned, owned, paid channels and social media platforms.

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