Talking Point Communications

Branded Content

The media ecosystem provides the opportunity to target a variety of channels and formats as vehicles of communication.

Additionally, consumer participation on these platforms, democratizes the relationship between brand and consumers, setting the stage for  building a solid, meaningful relationship.

Using storytelling as the communications medium for brand messaging, relationship building and revenue generation, the brand story develops organically with your audience, motivating them to take action in relation to the brand message and objectives.

Expertise include:

  • Engaging the target market through a customised content strategy, generating original, shareable and impactful content which resonates with target market
  • Creating relevant, newsworthy, shareable brand content which positions brand as a trusted resource and authority, while promoting a solid connection with target market
  • Storytelling uses an integrated, holistic approach as a vehicle of communication  to enhance  connection with audience and media coverage, packaged in the tailored format for traditional, hybrid, social and owned platforms
  • Leveraging expertise of content producers from a variety of creative backgrounds including graphic design, copywriting, journalism, editing, publishing and video production

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