Talking Point Communications


Experience from a publishing background facilitates a specialisation in the creation of fresh, strategic content.

Writing covers a broad subject range of storytelling, focusing on topics which are emotive, informative, educational, entertaining and impactful to develop audience interest, loyalty and create a community around the brand.

Writing across formats and publishing channels:  including articles web copy, brochure copy, social media copy, online publishing such as e-books, white papers, blogs etc.

Writing clear, persuasive, inspirational, original copy designed to raise brand profile, nurture leads, sell products, tell the brand story and deliver a strong brand message

Researching and establishing an in-depth understanding of the brand, its target market and its industry

Creating brand specific content which adds value to the target market and promotes engagement

Writing flexibility and versatility across a wide spectrum of subjects

SEO copywriting for websites and digital platforms, strategically optimising content for search engine page ranking purposes.

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